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CD Review by Annette Warner - (12/13/07)

If animals developed their own species' theme song, ever wonder what it would sound like? Well, wonder no more! This creative, easily marketable project will satisfy that curiosity in anyone. Fourteen tracks named after fourteen different animals offers up an entirely new kind of musical interaction play for children, ages 2-8. From bumbling bees, to fumbling bears and jazzy cats...this new release gives each track's namesake a personality of it’s own. The first of an apparently soon-to-come series of themed children's tunes, this project comes complete with something for the visual, musical and literary lovers of art, and the child-like natures in all of us will experience a treat.

In addition to just being an overall “cute” addition to any child’s music shelf, it’s sure to teach, mesmerize and entertain it’s listener in it’s entirety. And it being complete with lyric pages, and a downloadable PDF companion coloring book corresponding with each animal, it appears it will also keep them busy with creativity!

The artwork for the project alone, is cartoonist perfection by local illustrator Fleetwood Covington, and allows even more of a kiddy-kingdom visual to the mood the CD creates. Sarah McAlear’s Gaelic lullaby-style vocals are perfect for project, and they know when to take a backseat to the hundreds of interesting instruments used in the production. Indigenous to the animal’s habitat and cultural area's music style, the instrument tracks produced by Chuck Agresta, a Wilmington area composer, are fun and playful…and well, so like the animal itself!

Parents and teachers ought to have fun staging classroom skits and plays with this one. To order this CD and its reprint able companion book visit It's a great idea for a stocking stuffer for your favorite kids...or their teacher! Enjoy!

What people are saying about "Animals".

I recognize and appreciate the investment in that market and the potential return with it's success. The quility of the comps, vocals, engineering, and overall product is so overtly greater than a majority of the children's music out here. It's really-really intellegent work of kids; in an industry that doesn't trust a child's musical comprehention, thus rarely honor them with such intricate, brilliant songs. I tip my hat to you, sir.

Hi Sarah and Chuck, I wanted to let you know that I love the CD. I am soooooooo happy we got the chance to meet and are selling it in Learning Express. I think it will take off once people find out who you are. I have been telling everyone I know about your cd. I love the musicianship that went into making this cd. The harmonies give me goosebumps everytime I listen to the cd. Our employees love it because it is not your typical kids cd, which makes me glad to hear that since I am charge of our music section. I wanted to let you that I go around since the Tiger song and love it. If you ever need a flute player just let me know, I would love to play on one of your recordings. Thanks for making music so much fun, Karen Stirnitzke

Hey there! Congrats on the Grammy entry...well deserved:) Bobs & Lolo

You have an awesome sound! Great music! Robin And The Giant

Kids Tunes Online ROCKS! Miss Scherling,

What an honor. Your music is unique to the genre, well recorded by obviously talented artists, that's a great way to get nominated. ONE LOVE congrats on that nomination!!!! The Little league

It is rare to find a cd that is entertaining to all ages. I have a teenager and a baby. My teen griped when I put in a children's cd until he heard it. "WOW, this music is not cheezy and silly like most kids stuff. It is actually fun to listen to". That is quite a compliment from a teenage boy. I own a ballet school that has students from three year olds to pre-professional.(see I am excited to introduce this to my dance students as it is engaging and intelligent. Entertaining little children and introducing musicality simultaneously is not a simple task. In my opinion,this cd is brilliant in it's approach to children. Blessings from, Elizabeth Hester Executive Director - Wilmington School of Ballet, Wilmington Ballet Company, Jennings Development, UPS Store Leland Mother, Teacher, and Life Long Student

Hi Chuck, This CD is great! My daughter, Cassidy, loves it and listens to it in the car on every trip. She knows all the words, and sings along every time. Tiger is her favorite song because she likes to pretend that she's a large cat on the prowl. Thank you for the wonderful music. Lynne

We Love This CD! Thank you for creating such a beautiful, magical CD. Charlotte and Georgia absolutely love all of the songs (mom & dad do too). We look forward to listening to these wonderful songs for a very long time and sharing them with all of our friends and family. Cheers to you!

You did a wonderful job with your web site! It provides a ton of great tools and resources for your viewers. I really enjoy your site. Jennifer Barry

This CD is awesome! My husband and I were dancing around the house listening to it. He said what a great CD it was. It has marvelous rhythms and beats that lends itself to using in dance classes and it is fun music for the kids as well. We love it and recommend this CD for all ages! Rebecca Hennis

The Smith Family Congratulates: Sarah and Chuck! The CD has surpassed my expectations by a mile and I am so proud to say that I know you both! The girls listen to the CD whenever they are in the car. They have their favorite tracks and they can just sing along and move to the beat (I have to admit I too sing along with all the songs!) Thank you for creating something so beautiful and educational that Parent will enjoy just as much as the kids. I wish you all the luck in the world! You deserve it! Love, Christine and Mia

I bought my daughter Grace, the Animals CD and She LOVES it! It's a great way to expose children to classical music in a FUN way. I would definitely recommend this CD to anyone who has children.

What an incredible album! My daughter (4) loves listening to music and coloring the pictures. Easy on the parents' ears too. Can't help but do the animal dances to the wonderful beats. Simone Randazzo

Thanks for introducing me to your "Animals" CD. It is a CD that I can gladly enjoy with my daughter. I am impressed by the way the tunes express the characteristics of the animals they are about. The use of many different instruments gives each song its own unique personality so that the songs don't all sound the same (unlike other kid's CD's I've heard). I will recommend it to all my friends who have young children. Andrea Kassab

Meagan (4yrs and Sara (1yr) both love this CD. The diverse musical styles keep them interested and they like pretending to be different animals. Carrie Bergstrom

My boys LOVE Sarah's CD. It is always in the CD player and they listen to it before nap and bedtime. They especially love the different instruments and the way each song sounds different from the last. They also like to talk about all the animals in each song. This really is a wonderful CD for kids.

We love the CD. We listen to it in the car and love stomping with the elephants, buzzing with the bumble bees and singing along with the camels. The CD is wonderful (Eva's mom)

Dear Chuck and Sarah, Thank you for inviting me and Elisa at your CD release party! We had a blast and your album is definitely worth celebrating. Every song has its own special charm and they are all becoming fast favorites with Elisa. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with us and I am going to tell everyone I know about kidstunesonline. Best of luck, S. R.

I know that I will be first in line to buy your CD. Lillian periodically comes up to me and hollers at me to do the Bee song. I have to tell her that I don't know it, so she will go up to Gatz ( my Mom) and ask her. We all sing a lot during the day, so we need to add to our repertoire. This morning I had to keep playing the video over and over for Lillian. She (we all do) loves it. Thank you. Later today I am going to send your e-mail out to my friends and family. It will go as far as Australia. Melissa

Dear Chuck, I just admire you so much for putting this kind of interesting, wholesome learning, entertainment with all the senses involved. You must be a very gifted person. I believe when we are blessed with gifts, much is required. I understand a little of the time it takes to put something like this together. You and Sarah are to be commended. I totally support this project (for lack of a better word.) Please tell Sarah I think she is a lovely girl and her picture should be on a lot of ads. Joy, Barbara PS. I have a confession to make ! I have two sons that are artist. Just because Fleetwood is one of them does not account for my enthusiasm for your project. I appreciate any thing that is a new creative idea that helps make this world a better place to live.

This is Luke & Brayden's mom, Gina, from preschool. We are so impressed with your children's CD and can't wait to buy it for our family as well as some of our friends' families! We are sorry that we'll be out of town on the 1st and will not be able to join the party :o( . What can we do to help get the word out! Thank you for being such an inspiring force of beauty and creativity for our children!!! God Bless--G. F.

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